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Ethics and professionalism

Ethical behavior is an integral part of being professional. We strive to be absolutely professional in all that we do. It is a never-ending quest, almost an obsession, within recruitment. We strongly support the RCSA Code of Professional Conduct. We require all recruitment team members to sit for and pass the RCSA Code of Professional Conduct exam.

Nurturing Relationships

Establishing and maintaining great relationships with our clients, candidates and the recruitment team members is essential to our operations and business success. We are focused on all three parties. Our staff is our most valuable asset and we try our hardest to provide them with a great working environment and to encourage them to share, both financially and emotionally, in recruitment’s success. I think it is vital to establish close long-term relationships with our clients and candidates. To do so you must be genuinely interested in them and enjoy their successes as their businesses and careers develop. It is a really satisfying part of our profession.

Close up of business people hands together. Teamwork concept.


The magic ingredient that keeps it all together! We have a passion for recruitment and we have always sought people with passion to join Recruitment. People who are passionate about the important job that we do have been essential to our success.

Business is a constant stream of challenges. It is really pleasing to know that today we have finally reached our goal that was to be the best Indian Manpower Solutions Co for Middle East.

Navigating the Path to Excellence

Azan International Manpower Solutions Co., is a reputable Overseas Manpower Consultants and Recruitment agency officially registered and approved by the Ministry of Labour in India. We specialize in the recruitment of Indian manpower.