Approved by Govt. of India Ministry of Labour, Regd. no. : 002122/BOM/PER/1000+/3/3655/93
AZAN International

Azan International Manpower Solutions Co. founded in 1990 is a leading government recognized Overseas Manpower Consultants, Recruitment agency which is duly registered & approved with the Ministry of labour, India for recruitment of Indian manpower.

Azan International Manpower Solutions Co. is situated in the heart of the business capital of Mumbai, alongside 50 prestigious Embassies and Consulates, operating from our Head office in Mumbai – India, if you need skilled / semi skilled / unskilled manpower from India; we can recruit them as per your specific requirement.

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Our Services

Manpower requirements in the construction industry are usually project-based with varying employment durations. Moreover, profits can largely be influenced by the time element. Azan International completely understands these factors, and is accordingly prepared to provide for all human resource needs in the construction industry. We ensure the provision of uniquely skilled and cost-effective staff, from laborious field workers, to technicians, right up to the best engineers, to enable timely completion of the respective construction projects

AZAN INTERNATIONAL realizes how crucial a role HR plays for utmost exploitation of these natural resources. We are therefore ever-ready to meet manpower demands at every step of operation in this sector; from the initial surveys to the final delivery for consumption. We are aware of the capital at stake, and how market fluctuation could affect this business; especially in the event of delay or lack of availability of skilled manpower. Our proficiency in identifying and supplying the right workforce to this sector has set an example for recruitment agencies globally.

Perhaps it is our cultural background, and welcoming traditions, that make Indians the best suited to hospitality industry. On top of that, our single-minded approach to select only the finest in education, expertise and experience, will provide you with hotel professionals that are a class apart. We ensure that every aspect of the business including housekeeping, security, management and waiting staff, is not just taken care of, but taken care of well.

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