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Azan International Forte

Azan International has serviced manpower needs for every sector, around the globe, for several years. However, we are now concentrating on a few key industries. For increased focus, efficiency and specialization in providing uniquely qualified, trained and experienced workforce, we are presently the recruitment specialists for eight prime areas.


Manpower requirements in the construction industry are usually project-based with varying employment durations. Moreover, profits can largely be influenced by the time element. Azan International completely understands these factors, and is accordingly prepared to provide for all human resource needs in the construction industry. We ensure the provision of uniquely skilled and cost-effective staff, from laborious field workers, to technicians, right up to the best engineers, to enable timely completion of the respective construction projects.

Oil and Gas:

AZAN INTERNATIONAL realizes how crucial a role HR plays for utmost exploitation of these natural resources. We are therefore ever-ready to meet manpower demands at every step of operation in this sector; from the initial surveys to the final delivery for consumption. We are aware of the capital at stake, and how market fluctuation could affect this business; especially in the event of delay or lack of availability of skilled manpower. Our proficiency in identifying and supplying the right workforce to this sector has set an example for recruitment agencies globally.

Energy and Resources:

There is realization that energy and other power resources are depleting just as fast as available budgets are decreasing to tap them. Therefore, we guarantee cost-effective, highly efficient and timely supply for all energy and power related workforce needs. We are the one-stop solution provider for manpower or personnel needs for every project or business related to these industries.


Perhaps it is our cultural background, and welcoming traditions, that make Indians the best suited to hospitality industry. On top of that, our single-minded approach to select only the finest in education, expertise and experience, will provide you with hotel professionals that are a class apart. We ensure that every aspect of the business including housekeeping, security, management and waiting staff, is not just taken care of, but taken care of well.


Apart from engineers for specific sectors, we have adequate reserve of technical professionals to cater to all industries. We offer ready availability of experienced and dependable mechanical, electrical and systems engineers for recruitment to any country or industry. We are recognized as the premier suppliers of technical personnel in Asia.


We recognize the significance of personnel in the manufacturing industry and therefore cater to the industries needs with the ideally suited candidates. We understand that the calibre of manpower in the manufacturing industry can greatly influence the extent and quality of productivity. And also, that the requirement of manpower would vary greatly in size and duration of employment, and hence are accordingly ready to service the industry completely.

IT and Telecom:

Considering the global need and dependency on IT and Telecom facilities, and recognizing how Indians have proved their expertise in these areas, we have developed a team to particularly recruit personnel for this sector. The team identifies, pre-screens and recruits experts in various IT technologies, as well as application developers; in addition to infrastructure specialists, project management professionals and support staff for the IT and Telecom industries.

Support Services:

We excel in selecting and supplying workforce to the highly organized sectors; and guarantee to provide only the best workforce for support services.Our capabilities are completely scalable and our processes provide industry-leading results, regardless of the size of your company or the project in question. Some of the areas where we assist our clients are mentioned below.

*Facilitating your global reach:

Transcending the gender and geographical barriers, we identify the potential candidates from local, national or international locations, depending on your requirements. by industry, profession and profile.

*Serving all the Industries and corporate

We have a wealth of experience gained within blue-chip and high-tech organizations as well as SME's segment, of all the possible sectors. We specialize in finding and placing workforce, professionals and senior management for companies across all industry sectors.

*Searching for the candidate

We know where to locate the key people of your interest and how to generate their interest in your job opportunity. We work to ensure the perfect match.

*Short listing the candidate

If required and on clients request, we conduct a full search for the best candidates for your open position and then interview & pre-qualify them. This round is taken by industry specialists as well as HR consultants to evaluate the candidate on dual criteria of professional knowledge (like professional expertise and employment goals) and individual fit in the prospective organization.

*Hiring process

We not only identify the most qualified candidates for the job but also assist you in all phases of the hiring process to ensure that you secure them for employment.

*Post selection orientation and travel arrangements

Once the candidate has been selected and informed, we also arrange for his orientation program related to profile, code of conduct, labour laws of the country of employment etc. We also make complete travel arrangements including medical check-up, visa assistance etc.

*Efficient and cost effective services

We provide a list of qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. By leveraging our world-class facilities, recruiters and advanced recruiting technology, we help you meet the recruiting goals from an investment that is lesser than the industrial average.

*Tailor made solutions

We are a customized outsourced recruiting service organization, designed to provide a set of flexible, cost-effective hiring solutions to clients of every size and industry.

*Database related services

We have an established but confidential client database and we will be glad to provide contact referrals, upon your request and after the review of your needs. We endeavor to maximize your return on human resource investment by capturing the high quality candidates needed by your business to stay competitive.